YEROO Technologies is a Website Development, Application Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and IT services Company and supplying ICT Products for NGO & GO sectors in Ethiopia

 We deliver professional web design services through programming, animating and artistic styling.

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We design creative website design by young professionals in the website development industry. our websites are easy to modify after our development process and we also help you with redesign and modification of your previous website.

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YEROO combines the extended technological knowledge and skills of its executives with functional and industry experience acquired throughout the years, The experts here have seen many
businesses grow because they have turned controlling their online presence into their own strong point. We will work closely with you to understand what's needed for your unique business
Getachew Shiferaw
General Manager
The business world is changing, Today, if you want to reach people in your target audience whether it is across the country or around the corner-online marketing is one of your most important tools.
Website design and development are two aspects of putting together a platform for reaching customers online. It may seem intimidating to think about how you can take control of this powerful tool, but designing an effective website isn't as difficult as it might seem at first glance.
CO-Founder & Developer


we’ve developed many websites, below are some of the latest designes you can visit  and get inspiration from the websites.

Our USA Based Projects

Angel Family Adult Care

We specialize in home care and daily living assistance which include anything from meal preparation, hygiene, cleaning, supervision, and fun activities.

Dembi Care

Dembi Care is an independently owned home care agency in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA

Our Ethiopians Based Projects

Gutema Firisa Construction

Gutema Firisa construction has involved in different construction projects of government & privates in various parts of Ethiopia.

BORIYAD Youth Academy

The Boriyad school system was founded by one family in 2015 with a kindergarten and primary division to grade 12 in Ethiopia

AB GLOBAL Trading Pvt Ltd Co.

AB GLOBAL Trading Ethiopia its main activities are import and distribution of various goods to and from Ethiopia.

Technologies We Used

Company's We Work With

We believe in Simple, Creative & Flexible Design
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