we’ve developed many websites, below are some of the latest designes you can visit  and get inspiration from the websites.


Nati Coffee and Spices PLC

A private company established in 2010, engaged in coffee and spice production and export. Nati was selected in the second call of the FSRE Fund. The innovation was to import and install a new ginger slicer, a turmeric polisher and grander. Other activities include training of farmer outgrowers. The objective is to improve the quality of product.

This Project sponsored by GIZ & SEQUA

Our USA Based Projects

Angel Family Adult Care

We specialize in home care and daily living assistance which include anything from meal preparation, hygiene, cleaning, supervision, and fun activities.

Dembi Care

Dembi Care is an independently owned home care agency in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA

Our Ethiopian Based Projects

Yacon Engineering plc.

Yacon Engineering plc has been established in 2014, as a general construction company by fulfilling the requirements of ministry of works and urban development.

SIIDAA Publication

Siidaa publication is an Afaan Oromoo news, job board, Business Directory, Content Creator, Books and Movies promoter and models custing service company,

Gutema Firisa Construction

Gutema Firisa construction has involved in different construction projects of government & privates in various parts of Ethiopia.

Daily jobs Ethiopia

DAILY jobs Ethiopia is number one job site provider in Ethiopia. The platform publicizes jobs across a wide range of job categories from different employers hiring in Ethiopia.


AB GLOBAL Trading Ethiopia its main activities are import and distribution of various goods to and from Ethiopia.

Boriyad Youth Academy

Boriyad youth Academy is strongly committed to quality education from Pre – Kg through 10th grade.


Branding work for Yacon Engineering plc.

Yacon Engineering plc conducts all kinds of construction works as well as steel structure

The purpose of a branding is to give your company an identity so you can grow your business by capturing new clients with a logo and other brand Elements that speaks to them.

Video Advertisement Design

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