YEROO Tech recognizes your business values and employs the best and most effective website development process. We employ the most highly talented professional for your project to meet your need in the required time and make most of your resources effectively to enhance the entire process of your business. The most effective website web development should always consider these criteria to achieve the desired success in the online marketing world.

Application Development

As a leading web development company, We have extensive web design and web development skills by using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap and more web technologies.

PHP Development

YEROO TECH is one of the leading software service providers in Ethiopia that offers outsourcing for PHP development in Ethiopia. Our team of experienced PHP developers has enabled us to ..

ASP Development

YEROO TECH was an early adapter of the .NET framework. We were perhaps the first to present a paper on the .NET framework in a conference hosted by Wire trade and Microsoft in Mauritius..


We provide various web page designs, professional web App design, web layout designs,  affordable hosting services with our hosting provider in Ethiopia.

Custom Web Design

With our custom web designers, creative artists and new media engineers, we help you..

Web Template Design

We have great expertise in professional web design templates and all resources to provide

Website Re-Designing

Website Re-designing, improvement and timely changes are essential for every website.

Ecommerce Website

Banking and finance, insurance, department store or car rental, pharmaceutical, media..


Content Management System also known as CMS software. It is an application that manages the content of a website.

Once a CMS is integrated to the website, it provides various users with different permission levels to update or edit website content and thus reducing the complexity of the work. The website involves Articles, Blogs, Press Release, Store and events, which is the complexity of work. It can be simplified by having content management solution. With the help of CMS-integrated website, user can quickly and securely log-in and make whatever changes that he want. User can add new products, pages, news, contact information and, manage it whether we don’t having the web-based skills.
Most Content Management Systems include web-based publishing format management, history editing and version control, indexing, search and retrieval. Content Management System support the separation of the content and presentation. It is a software application or the set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. The CMS administrator must know how many people will be utilizing the applications whether the CMS will require Multilanguage support and what size support team will be needed to maintain operations.

Technologies We Use

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