Fastest Web Hosting and Cloud Service Provider Company in Ethiopia

We are a web hosting company that provides reliable, affordable, and secure web hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes. We have a team of experienced engineers who are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service.


Yeroo Technologies is the fastest web hosting and cloud service provider company in Ethiopia. We offer a wide range of web hosting plans to fit your needs, and our team of experts is always available to help you get started.

Our web hosting plans are powered by the latest technology, so you can be sure that your website will be fast and reliable. We also offer a variety of security features to protect your website from hackers and malware.

We offer website hosting.

Here are some of the benefits of using Yeroo Technologies for web hosting and cloud services:

Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable hosting is essential for a good user experience.

Secure Hosting

Secure web hosting protects your website and its visitors from cyberattacks.

Scalable Cloud

Scalable cloud services allow you to easily add or remove resources as needed, so you can always meet your business demands.

Affordable prices

Affordable prices allow you to get the hosting you need without breaking the bank.

Choose Your Domain Name First

We can help you with that. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name:

Make it short and memorable.

The shorter and easier to remember your domain name is, the more likely people are to remember it and type it into their browser.

Use relevant keywords

If you can, try to use relevant keywords in your domain name. This will help people find your website when they’re searching for the products or services you offer.

Avoid hyphens and numbers.

 Hyphens and numbers can make your domain name look unprofessional and difficult to remember.

Check for availability.

 Before you choose a domain name, make sure it’s available. You can do this by checking the availability of domain names at a domain section above.

Fast, reliable and secure WEB HOSTING PACKAGES IN ETHIOPIA

Once you have chosen a web hosting service, you can start setting up your website. This process is usually very easy, and most web hosting services offer step-by-step instructions.

Standard Hosting

ETB 2,750
  • UNLIMITED Storage
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • Free Domain and Setup Free domain name applies only for .com, .net, .org, .info, edu, et and .biz
  • SSL Certificates Included
  • Automated backup
Suitable for website owners and web masters who manage single website.

Managed Hosting

ETB 4,380
  • UNLIMITED NVMe Storage NVMe has 3x Read-Write Speed and can transfer data 25 times faster than SSD
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • Daily Backups for 21 day
  • Free Domain and Setup ^Free domain name applies only for .com, .net, .org, .info, edu, et and .biz
  • SSL Certificates Included
  • 2X more CPU and RAM
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Mailboxes
  • IP Protection by MailChannels
  • SpamExperts Protection
Suitable for agencies and developers who manage many websites.


ETB 7,500
  • All In Managed Hosting NVMe has 3x Read-Write Speed and can transfer data 25 times faster than SSD
  • UNLIMITED Hosting Package Unlimited 100% NVMe Storage Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Free SSL Certificates Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited 50GB Email Accounts Unlimited Addon and Subdomains
  • 4X Central Processing Unit Cores
  • 4X Random Access Memory DDR4
  • 6X Daily Backups for 120 day
  • SpamExperts Protection

A Peace of mind solution, buy once and get Unlimited updates and support.

Make it easy to PAY.

That’s great to hear! We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to get the services they need. We’re proud to offer a variety of payment options, so you can choose the one that’s best for you. And our customer support team is always available to help you with any questions you have.

Here are some of the ways you can pay for YEROO Technologies services:
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